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Recreational League Information & Game Rules



In the past, our clubs have inter-leagued under LCYS. As of this year, we have (LCYS new Board) made a decision to use SWFLRS for our scheduling and governing body. A new division has been formed under Southwest Florida Soccer for the recreational teams.

The recreational division will only allow true recreational teams to participate within the league. The requirements are that if a club chooses to send a team in a certain age, all teams of that same age must register to play within SWFLRS. (meaning no select or academy teams). Our goal is to provide a level playing field for rec teams and not allow teams that should be playing academy or competitive — i.e. If a team has tryouts, paid trainers, etc. this is not considered a recreational team. There are other rules that will be updated and shown on the Southwest Florida Soccer website. This is in the process of being updated.


To register to participate, the club must first complete their part then the registrar will register the team to participate. Links will be sent via email to both the club and teams to register.


The fee for each team to participate is as follows and covers the end of year county cup tournament ref fees and trophies:

U10 teams $220

U12 teams $280

U15 teams $300

U19 teams $325

These fees must be paid when the team is registered to participate by credit or debit card.


The deadline to register a team for U19 is July 16 as your first games will be the first weekend of August with the last regular games the weekend of September 29th and the county cup the next 2 weekends.

The deadline to register u10 – u15 teams is August 15 as your first games will be the weekend of September 7th with the last regular season games the weekend of November 17th and the county cup the first 2 weekends of December.


The High School County Cup tournament will be October 6 & 7 with finals or rain out weekend the following weekend. Many high school games will be played during the week but should not be scheduled earlier than 6:30 pm to allow for travel time.

All other teams county cup will be the weekend of December 1 & 2 with finals on the 8th. Your regular games should end around the weekend of November 17th.


The HOME team is responsible for assigning and paying the referee fees. I will send out the customary ref fees in a separate email although your referee assignor should be able to provide this info to you as well.

Your individual club will receive an email to assign fields and times for your games once the preliminary schedule has been released. Once ALL clubs have responded and scheduled the home games, the schedule will be released and a link will be available on the www.swflsoccer.net website. I will need to know who the appropriate person is within each of your clubs to send this to please.


If you have any questions, please contact Beth Cherry and she will try to answer or get an answer for you.

“Be patient please – this my first year volunteering to help with this part of the season!!!!”

Beth Cherry